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Use open-source software for your servers

August 14th, 2009

We have been using open-source software for our servers at NDMC for the past months.  Being an educational institution on a tight budget, we cannot afford to buy licenses for commercial software so we choose to use open-source and free software, specifically GNU/Linux variants.

We were using Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS), which means it will be supported for the next five years (until 2013).

Then Bong, who has been experimenting with different variants of open-source server software suggested the following line-up:

  • pfSense – powerful Firewall, based on FreeBSD
  • Untangle – open source network gateway, web filter
  • eBox-Platform – domain controller, file server, print server, proxy server, mail server, and a lot more, based on Ubuntu 8.04
  • FreeNAS – file server, NAS server, based on FreeBSD

I added Proxmox Virtual Environment – an open-source virtualization platform to the list.  This allows us to create one or more Virtual Private Servers using just one computer.  This is our alternative to VMWare’s ESX.

The considerations for the above servers is also timely for our scheduled upgrade from 1.5Mbps to a 4Mbps Internet connection sometime next month.

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Kewl Windows Freebie – Keepass Password Safe

April 3rd, 2009

This is by far the most useful freebie I have ever encountered.  If you answer Yes to even one of these questions, then you definitely need this freebie:

  • Do you have multiple accounts and passwords to maintain?
  • Do you often forget your password and go to a “Retrieve Password” page?
  • Do you use a password file and save it in a “secured” directory?
  • Do you need to generate a random secure password with alphabets, numbers, and other characters?
  • Do you use the same password for two or more or all accounts?
  • Are you tired of looking at the ceiling for your passwords?
  • Do you post your username with password using post-it notes in your monitor?
  • Do you have a “secretary” whom you call in the middle of the night for a password?
  • Do you ask your pet for your password?

Okay, okay, the last three items are not really part of the questions – you don’t do any of those do you? ;)

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Kewl Windows Freebies

March 31st, 2009

It’s been more than a year since I published My Windows XP Must-Have Software and of course the list has changed then.

I define a kewl Windows freebie as software that runs on Windows and is licensed either as Freeware, Shareware, Donationware, “Free-as-a-beer”, or whatever you call it that does not require a user to pay for it.  Kewl, of course, is cool. ;)

These freebies are for the daily use of my laptop: creating/editing documents, playing music, watching videos, burning CDs or DVDs, browsing, communications and general computer productivity.  They are categorized as follows:

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