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Benefits of enabling blog comments

March 27th, 2009

When I started this blog I decided not to accept comments.  Why?  Because this is my personal site and enabling comments would just defeat the purpose of saying it’s “my personal site“.  Also, I don’t like moderating comments, identifying spams, removing unwanted links, etc.  In short, I don’t like to manage comments.

However, as I review my previous post about my successful PayPal withdrawal, I noticed realized that I have just reaped the benefits of enabling comments on weblogs.  I couldn’t have used PayPal if I haven’t read thru the many comments by the good netizens out there.

Comments also enable a blogger to create a community for his posts.  Most of the times, the people who commented would subscribe to his feed either for a follow-up or for another round of interesting topics.

Realizing my big newbie mistake, I immediately enabled comments for the whole site, editted my previous posts, and wrote this post to tell you:

You are welcome to comment, pingback, trackback, or personally contact me. :-)

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