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A lesson in Ubuntu history

September 19th, 2009

If you have been using Ubuntu (or any Unix variant), you should now know that there is a history command which keeps track of the commands you have executed in the shell.  I have been using Ubuntu for a few months and my history command list is now at 500+ commands.

Here are some of the basic uses of the history command:

> history
  • this lists all commands you have executed in the shell
> history | more
  • same as above but only shows a page of list
  • press spacebar to move to the next page
  • press the letter q to quit displaying history commands
  • the | is a pipeline which means redirect the output of the history command as input to the more command
> history | grep <text>
> history | grep ls
> history | grep rsync
  • lists only the shell commands that contains the text after the grep command
  • grep basically is a command line text search utility
> man history
  • help manual of the history command
  • very helpful documentation I must say!

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Ubuntu Features that I Like

September 9th, 2009

Ubuntu is a free and open-source operating system based on Debian.  The reason I choose this over the other GNU/Linux variants like Fedora, Mint, openSUSE,Mandriva, Debian, and others, is because of the Ubuntu promise to make it free forever, including the enterprise editions and security updates.

I have been waiting for more than two years for Ubuntu to mature as a replacement to Windows XP.  To qualify, it must satisfy the following features:

  1. easily support dual monitors
  2. out-of-the-box support for my laptop’s Broadcom B43 wireless adapter
  3. support for my laptop’s infrared device

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NDMC.EDU.PH has moved!

September 3rd, 2009

We got disconnected from our ISP today, NDMC now has no Internet connection.

We have been with DCTech (old ISP) for more than 4 years and since they cannot fulfill our need for an upgrade from a 1.5Mbps to 4Mbps connection we decided it’s time to look for another ISP.  We signed-up with Globe INNOVE last June 2009 but are still waiting to be connected this month.  DCTech was generous enough to allow us a one month extension last August 2009 but did not approve our second request for an extension.

We had 8 public static IP addresses with DCTech and we used all of them to host servers for the following:

  • school website
  • email server
  • applications server
  • proxy server
  • perimeter firewall
  • internet gateway for offices

All major offices of the school are using e-mail and the Internet for research.  With my estimate, it would take around 2 weeks or more before Globe connects us.  Since we will be disconnected this month, I decided to move the three important servers on my Webfaction account so that we will have a minimal downtime.

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August 29th, 2009 features a profile page where a user may enter some details like full name, url, description of self, and a photo.  I haven’t tested the photo upload feature since it’s deployment last June 10, 2009 so I did not notice the problem.

Bong, who was interested to do some beta-testing of the site pointed out that his uploaded photo did not show on his profile page.  After two months, I finally had the time to fix this problem.

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Django Editor

August 27th, 2009

Here is an update to my previous Django Editor blog.

These are the available django editors installed in my Ubuntu operating system so far:

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How to Backup Your WordPress Blog

August 24th, 2009

Today I decided to backup this blog which uses WordPress hosted on This is my first time to backup my WordPress blog so I went directly to -> Docs and found the following in the Advanced Topics section:

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How to change the MySQL database password of WordPress

August 23rd, 2009

Today I decided to do some maintenance tasks on this site which is a WordPress blog hosted on

Here are the steps how to change the MySQL database password of WordPress in

  1. Login to your Webfaction control panel.
  2. Goto Databases->Change database password.
  3. Select the MySQL database from the database list.
  4. Type in the new MySQL database password
  5. Click the Change button

However, you also need to tell WordPress to use the new MySQL database password or you will get this nasty error when you try to access your WordPress site:

“Error establishing a database connection”

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Smart Bro Benchmarks

August 21st, 2009

I have been using Smart Bro since 2006, when they were still using SendFar (old Wi-Fi antenna).  But when I came home to Midsayap from Davao after a 5-month leave last May, I had my old Smart Bro account disconnected by June 2009 to cut costs.

It took me 2 months to realize that I can’t live an offline life at home anymore.  Also, my wife needed to use the Internet at home to look for nursing jobs and agencies because she wants to go abroad.  We finally decided to sign-up for another Internet connection.

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Use open-source software for your servers

August 14th, 2009

We have been using open-source software for our servers at NDMC for the past months.  Being an educational institution on a tight budget, we cannot afford to buy licenses for commercial software so we choose to use open-source and free software, specifically GNU/Linux variants.

We were using Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS), which means it will be supported for the next five years (until 2013).

Then Bong, who has been experimenting with different variants of open-source server software suggested the following line-up:

  • pfSense – powerful Firewall, based on FreeBSD
  • Untangle – open source network gateway, web filter
  • eBox-Platform – domain controller, file server, print server, proxy server, mail server, and a lot more, based on Ubuntu 8.04
  • FreeNAS – file server, NAS server, based on FreeBSD

I added Proxmox Virtual Environment – an open-source virtualization platform to the list.  This allows us to create one or more Virtual Private Servers using just one computer.  This is our alternative to VMWare’s ESX.

The considerations for the above servers is also timely for our scheduled upgrade from 1.5Mbps to a 4Mbps Internet connection sometime next month.

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USB flash disk problems

August 12th, 2009

I have just finished an attempt to recover files from a USB flash disk, and for the fourth time, failed.  This time it’s a Kingston 1GB flash disk.

Note:  We are still researching for a fix on this problem.

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