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django create Function to delete all session

August 23rd, 2013

definition: session stores data on the server side and abstracts the sending and receiving of cookies, Delete the current session data from the session and regenerate the session key value that is sent back to the user in the cookie.

purpose: This is used if you want to ensure that the previous session data can’t be accessed again from the user’s browser.


def delete_session(request):
    # session to be deleted
    session = request.session
    del session['session1']
    del session['session2']
    del session['session3']
    del session['session4']
    del session['session5']

*use the “”delete_session(request)”" Function name to delete session.

*I have an example below on how to use the created delete_session function.

def final_session(request):
    # function name

    template = 'final_session.html'
    context = {}
    return render(request, template, context)
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