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How to Install Agilo on Trac at Webfaction

December 30th, 2009

Here are the steps I did to successfully install Agilo for Scrum (open-source version) in my Trac site at Webfaction.com:

  1. download agilo-source-latest.tar.gz
  2. create a python2.4 egg version of Agilo Open.  Since I don’t have Python 2.4 in my Ubuntu 9.04 laptop I tried installing.  However, it gives an error when compiling agilo it gives a “setuptools not installed” error, I dropped the process and did the following instead:
    1. copy agilo-source-latest.tar.gz to your webfaction account
    2. extract Agilo in a temporary folder
    3. tar xvf agilo-source-latest.tar.gz
    4. cd to the extracted Agilo directory
    5. compile in python2.4
    6. python2.4 setup.py bdist_egg
    7. copy the Agilo egg file from the dist folder into your local disk
  3. install agilo to trac refer to http://www.agile42.com/cms/pages/download-install/
    1. upload Agilo egg in your Trac site’s plugins
    2. login to your Webfaction shell
    3. edit trac.ini at (trac-project-dir)/conf/trac.ini
    4. look for the [components] section – in my case I added it because it does not exist yet
      agilo.* = enabled
      # the following lines are only required to use Agilo Pro
      agilo_common.* = enabled
      agilo_pro.* = enabled
    5. upgrade trac so that the agilo tables will be created in the Trac database
    6. (trac-project-dir)/bin/trac-admin . upgrade
  4. upgrade Genshi from 0.5 to 0.5.1
    1. download from Genshi-0.5.1-py2.4-linux-x86_64.egg
    2. upload Genshi egg in your Trac site’s plugins
  5. reload your Trac site and Agilo Open must have been enabled


* when in doubt, enable logging in your Trac site and read the log at (trac-project-dir)/log/trac.log – this is how I fixed my problems with  Genshi 0.5.1 dependency of Agilo Open 0.8.4

Here are some caveats on my Trac setup:

  • it uses Python 2.4;
  • it uses Trac 0.11.4;
  • it uses Genshi 0.5;



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