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NDMC.EDU.PH has moved!

September 3rd, 2009

We got disconnected from our ISP today, NDMC now has no Internet connection.

We have been with DCTech (old ISP) for more than 4 years and since they cannot fulfill our need for an upgrade from a 1.5Mbps to 4Mbps connection we decided it’s time to look for another ISP.  We signed-up with Globe INNOVE last June 2009 but are still waiting to be connected this month.  DCTech was generous enough to allow us a one month extension last August 2009 but did not approve our second request for an extension.

We had 8 public static IP addresses with DCTech and we used all of them to host servers for the following:

  • school website
  • email server
  • applications server
  • proxy server
  • perimeter firewall
  • internet gateway for offices

All major offices of the school are using e-mail and the Internet for research.  With my estimate, it would take around 2 weeks or more before Globe connects us.  Since we will be disconnected this month, I decided to move the three important servers on my Webfaction account so that we will have a minimal downtime.

Moving our servers to Webfaction involved four main tasks:

  1. Move the NDMC website that is using Joomla 1.5.
  2. Move the NDMC applications server that is using Django 1.0.
  3. Move the NDMC e-mail server to Webfaction.
  4. Let Webfaction handle the NDMC.EDU.PH domain

Task 1 – Move the NDMC website

Moving the NDMC website was easy since it is already using Joomla 1.5 designed by Julius.  The whole process took about 3 hours because Julius tried to use a Joomla plugin to do backup and restore but failed.  So we took the manual backup and restore route.  This process is two-fold:

  1. Deploying the custom templates, files, and other media to the new server.
  2. Backup and Restore the MySQL database to the new server.

Task 2 – Move the NDMC applications server

The NDMC applications server is an Ubuntu 8.04 server that hosts only one Django application, the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).  This process was easy because of the following helpful references for Django deployment on Webfaction.  Thanks to Webfaction’s easy support for Django, Rails, and PHP projects.

Task 3 – Move the NDMC e-mail server

Actually, these are just e-mail accounts to be created in Webfaction using the NDMC.EDU.PH domain, so this was easy.

Task 4 – Let Webfaction handle the NDMC.EDU.PH domain

Inorder for Webfaction to handle queries to the NDMC.EDU.PH domain we must edit the domain entries at PH.Net (this is the domain registrar for EDU.PH domains).  After that is done, it will take about an hour or more for DNS queries to be handled by Webfaction.  And oh, remember to flush your DNS cache.

It took a total of 8 hours for all the above tasks to be completed, including testing the e-mail and the DNS propagation.

You may try browsing the following which are already hosted on my Webfaction account:

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