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myListBoard.com updates – profile photo bug fix

August 29th, 2009

myListBoard.com features a profile page where a user may enter some details like full name, url, description of self, and a photo.  I haven’t tested the photo upload feature since it’s deployment last June 10, 2009 so I did not notice the problem.

Bong, who was interested to do some beta-testing of the site pointed out that his uploaded photo did not show on his profile page.  After two months, I finally had the time to fix this problem.

A Django web application must have the following hosting setup:

  • a web server to host the Django application
  • a media server to host your Django application’s media files like css, javascripts, images, and the admin media (static media)
  • optional, a media server to host your users media files like photos, files, and others (dynamic media that users may change anytime)

What happened was that I have hosted the media files of the users in a static site where my Django application do not have write access.  Therefore whenever a user changes his/her photo, the photo does not get uploaded on the correct media server url.

It’s a good thing that Webfaction already has a fix aptly titled “Serving the Django admin media directly from the main Apache server “.

At least now the Lister’s photo does not look empty:


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