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Oracle Buys Sun – What will happen to MySQL?

April 22nd, 2009

On April 20, 2009, Oracle Corporation announced it has bought Sun Microsystems.  It’s true!  It’s in the frontpage of Oracle’s website “Oracle Buys Sun” and in Sun’s website “Oracle To Buy Sun“.

Oracle, the largest enterprise software company, is known for its enterprise database product aptly named Oracle.  Sun owns the Solaris operating system, MySQL database, the Java programming language, and the OpenOffice productivity suite.  Oracle is said to buy $9.50 per share of Sun in cash with the whole transaction approximately valued at $7.4 billion.  What’s interesting is the fact that this announcement came after IBM backed-out from buying Sun earlier this month as reported here.

This does not come as a surprise knowing that big software companies are known to do two things in their lifetime: buy other companies or sell itself to others.  As a programmer however, the thing we should look forward to is:  What will happen to the open-source database MySQL?

A lot of software companies has invested their time and effort in MySQL because this is a competitive alternative to Microsoft’s SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.  It is known to be fast, reliable, and best-of-all, free!  In fact, MySQL could be found in every hosting company product that offers Linux as platform.  Heck, I have developed software before using MySQL.  Oracle might still want to continue to promote MySQL but that would be in competition to their flagship product Oracle.  How would a company sell an enterprise database with it’s suite of applications and continue to provide for a free alternative to it?  I don’t get it.

On the other hand, Oracle might just choose to bury MySQL into the depths of history.  There’s a saying: “eliminate the competition by buying them out“.  Of course this might not be the case because MySQL is open-source, you can’t just kill a good product with it’s brilliant community of developers and users.

For me however, MySQL might undergo some “personality-crisis” because of this.  Developers who were willing to  learn and invest their software products on it might look for an alternative.  And a very good open-source alternative I would recommend is PostgreSQL.  Visit the link to find out about how kewl PostgreSQL is. (hint: it’s also free!)

Nowadays, I develop web applications using Django and PostgreSQL.  It’s a good thing that the Django developers are fond of PostgreSQL because even with Oracle buying out Sun, I don’t have to worry what would happen to MySQL.  ;)

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  1. May 12th, 2009 at 09:19 | #1

    Hello sir! Thanks for this article. Now I know that Suns Microsystems is now owned by Oracle. I am wondering what will happen to the companies using Mysql database.

  2. May 12th, 2009 at 22:06 | #2


    Thanks for visiting. Oracle will probably just let the community continue the development of MySQL since it is in direct competition to their Oracle database.

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