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Problem with my Custom Google Search

March 29th, 2009

Just this afternoon, Ian pointed out that my Custom Google Search does not correctly display under FireFox and Internet Explorer, it looks okay with Opera though.  I checked it out and sure enough, it only looks good with my favorite browser Opera.

It’s my fault, I forgot to test my updates with the other web browsers yesterday.

After fixing it, I did a sample search for “PayPal” to check if it’s working.  To my surprise it did not display any article from my blog with PayPal in it.  I thought something’s wrong with my blog and tried “IMBR” and the articles were displayed.  Now that’s a bummer!  I know Google still does indexing of my pages but this is not good to my visitors.

So for now, I reverted everything to WordPress’ search engine.  Google search results is not important to me for now anyway.  What’s important is that the search functionality works.

Thanks Ian. :)

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