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Kewl Windows Freebies

March 31st, 2009

It’s been more than a year since I published My Windows XP Must-Have Software and of course the list has changed then.

I define a kewl Windows freebie as software that runs on Windows and is licensed either as Freeware, Shareware, Donationware, “Free-as-a-beer”, or whatever you call it that does not require a user to pay for it.  Kewl, of course, is cool. ;)

These freebies are for the daily use of my laptop: creating/editing documents, playing music, watching videos, burning CDs or DVDs, browsing, communications and general computer productivity.  They are categorized as follows:

Click on the notes link (if available) for detailed description and why it is kewl:

Category Sub-Category Kewl Windows Freebie Notes
Desktop Publishing
Office Suite OpenOffice
Text Editor Notepad++
PDF Reader Foxit Reader
PDF Printer PDF Creator
Mindmapping FreeMind
Picture Editor GIMP
3D Modelling Google Sketchup
Internet / Communication
Web Browser Opera
Website Copier WinHTTrack
Communications Pidgin
Yahoo Messenger
Audio/Video Player Media Player Classic
Windows Media Player
CD/DVD Burning CDBurnerXP
CD/DVD Creator DeVeDe
Codec Pack K-Lite Codec Pack
Audio Editor Audacity
MP3 Volume Normalizer Mp3Gain
Archive WinRar
Calendar Rainlendar
Dvorak DV Assist
Launchers ObjectDock
Virtual Desktop Virtual Dimension
Mapping Google Earth
File Synchronization WinSCP
System Monitoring Uptimer4 1
Process Explorer
TCP View
Antivirus Avast
Password Keeper KeePass Password Safe Notes

1 Uptimer4 used to be at http://www.merijn.org/index.php

Whew, what a list!  I have enough post for the day.  Instead, I will create a separate post for each freebie to explain why it is kewl and update this list.  So keep yourself posted. :)

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  1. April 1st, 2009 at 18:01 | #1

    Great one stop shop for free stuff.
    Gud job tol!

    Oh w8, u have any free games?

  2. April 1st, 2009 at 18:57 | #2

    @Darwin Molero
    Thanks tol!

    Free games eh? Sorry but I don’t use any kewl-windows-freebie game that’s free. But that definitely deserves a looking-into and it would make an interesting post! ;)

  3. May 22nd, 2009 at 10:27 | #3

    Tried using GIMP. Quite good as alternative for Photoshop but as soon as i open my PSD file from Photoshop, it didn’t render the right color as designed in PS.

  4. May 23rd, 2009 at 12:21 | #4

    Ah yes, there are things GIMP isn’t that good. I don’t use GIMP to open PSD files so I cant say much. Maybe someone in the community already have your problem fixed. I have not used Photoshop since version 7 but it is a very good photo editing software. GIMP is just an alternative that I find useful for the basic stuff that I do. :)

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